Twiddle welcomes you to market your quality Sound Effects and Musical Works through the first AI-powered sound recommendation engine that our platform provides.

If you are a Sound Provider/Licensor, please contact us at . We look forward to discuss on the ways you wish your content to be handled.

If you are a free launcher and wish to promote your audio creation in a new way, please fill in the gaps below. Your submitted audio must be entirely original and must be wholly owned in every way by you. Before submitting, please make sure to read carefully and accept the corresponding Terms provided below.

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Terms of Use concerning the uploading of sounds

We accept and welcome submission of your audio content, as our goal is to support creators, both new and established, through our platform. However, we reserve the right to decide at our own discretion if we will incorporate your submitted audio to the library of available Sounds in our App, the length of time it will be available in our library, and the position of its appearance.

By submitting audio content with us, you warrant that you own all rights in and to that audio content, and that you are not breaching any other party’s copyrights or contractual rights, or rights to publicity or privacy.

At the same time, by submitting the audio content you are granting Us and the Users of the Service the irrevocable right to reproduce sound recordings, throughout the globe, all on a royalty-free basis, without the obligation to pay royalties to any third party, including, but not limited to, a sound recording copyright owner, a performing rights organization, a sound recording PRO, or other royalty participants involved in the creation of the corresponding User Content. The rights you grant Us through these Terms of Use also include a through-to-the-audience basis, which means that the operators of External Sites will not have any liability to you or any other third party for User Content Posted on them through the Service.

If you are affiliated with a PRO, then you must notify your PRO of the royalty-free license you grant to Us through these Terms of Use, and you are solely responsible for ensuring your compliance with your reporting obligations to this PRO. Or, if you have assigned your rights to a music publisher, then you must obtain the consent of that music publisher to grant Us this royalty-free license, or have such music publisher come into an Agreement with us. Furthermore, if you are under contract with a record label, then you are solely responsible for ensuring that your use of the Service is in compliance with any contractual obligations you may have to your record label.

Upon making available this content through our App, the artist’s name (yourself, as you wish to appear) will be appearing in the corresponding selection button and in the produced video content creation. If you wish, you may also provide us with a promo link that we may include on the App’s button displaying your audio, linking to an external service through which a User can purchase your audio creation. [Note that we do not gain any profit from the availability of the aforementioned Service. However, we reserve the right to deliver this service differently in the future (in which case we shall inform you of any changes well in advance through the email address you provided)].

We make any reasonable effort to respond to all submissions, but in case of a large work load we may be unable to respond (we are currently a small team).